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October 2022
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A Change

So we decided to make our brand more welcoming to men. Pink, often considered more of a feminine color, but with Gold… everybody likes a little Gold in their lives every now and then, and thats how we want to be seen. A little ZahMal in your lives will keep the stress away. Mixed with low cost high-end treatments delivered to you (whether at home or the office).

We have new and improved treatments for everybody. From LED light facials to hot towel and cupping massages for detox, and not to mention our must have Mood Moisturisers which are taking the UK by storm.

A change is always something we think should be embraced in life, why? Because we all get older everday/ week/ month/ year and with age comes changes in our bodies and even the way we think (wisdom). And with these changes, we can either learn to accept them, or change them like we did!

You’ll love our new look as much as we do. Its a great shade of gold and dark grey, with loads of sweetness and a tad bit of spice.

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