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October 2022
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A Passion for Coconut

Besides the obvious – Benefits of Coconut Oil

A coconut itself can represent many elements. I sit in my Indian dress listening loosely to the priest. He catches my attention and recites a paragraph and then questions, ‘Why is a coconut all we need in life?’ With the audience showing thoughtful faces he finally says; “it has the three most important factors in life, water, food and shelter.” It was such a beautiful explanation. So how does this relate? Well, not only having the three most important factors in life, it also has many other factors in which is beneficial to health.

You can find coconut oil in skincare, cooking, health, eating and much more. So you will question, why does ZahMal use coconut oil in ALL our products? With the beautiful explanation by the priest and all other positive elements it presents why wouldn’t we have this amazing ingredient in all our products? Let us educate and share our knowledge.

Besides the obvious of increases levels of HDL Cholesterol, helps weight loss, improves heart health, hair care, skin care, dental care, ongoing evidence of preventing Alzheimer’s disease, helps with memory, curbs appetite, can reduce the risk of seizures, treat inflammation and arthritis…. with all the benefits listed why wouldn’t you want to surround yourself by this simple ingredient? Here at ZahMal we are doing just this but presenting it in different forms to help you embrace and take full advantage of the benefits of coconut oil along with pure essential oils.

Our aim as a company is to show and educate people the value of coconut oil and why it is beneficial for health. It’s about giving people the organic lifestyle with pure ingredients through bath, skin and home fragrances.

More to come!

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