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Can sugar make you age and look older?

Sugar and you

We have always been told to eat less sugar. So much that it has become a norm in an attempt to avoid conditions such as type II diabetes, obesity, cavities and other negative sugar related conditions. But there are still many illnesses that are caused by the excessive consumption of sugar that are hardly mentioned. Illnesses such as sugars contribution to heart disease are not highlighted.

How can sugar make you older?

There is one major side effect of over consumption of sugar that affects us all which we have never been made aware of. A high sugar intake contributes to aging. Both internally and externally. Unfortunately, internally is where most of the damage is done. Through a process called Advanced Glycation End product. Ironically, the acronyms spells AGE.

Your body becomes severely affected when there is too much glucose in the blood. The glucose sticks to protein which can be found in the walls of all cells. When glucose sticks to the cells, it then covers the surface structure of them which ae very integral to cell identification and for them to communicate. Studies have shown that this process influences to the degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Hormones that are needed to maintain neural connections are blocked. Studies have also shown it can also decrease one’s sensitivity to insulin, meaning blood sugar stays high for an unhealthy length of time leading to more internal problems.

If you have noticed stiffness in your body is may also be linked to the illness Advanced Glycation End product. The stiffness is caused by the body gluing cells together or creating a hardening layer. This process can be extremely problematic. There are parts of our body that are meant to be fluid and elastic and when this process is prevented it can cause a chain reaction affecting other major body parts. Stiffness can also manifest as hardened arteries thus leading to infections. The build up of AGE causes additional problems throughout the body such as vision problems, dementia and neuropathy.

Collagen is a molecule made of chains of proteins and designed to hold neighbouring cells together which provide structure and strength to body tissue. It’s basically what makes the skin smooth and joints limber. However, too much sugar in your diet can interfere with the formation of collagen, making it more likely to wear down earlier in life. Excess sugar also prevents proper repair of damaged collagen which results in the formation of wrinkles and stiffening joints.

Inflammation is our body’s defence mechanism that repairs damaged tissues and fights off bacteria, viruses, and other foreign invaders. Short-term inflammation is a good thing, but prolonged inflammation has damaging effects on the body and can lead to arthritis, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases all due to the intake of excess sugar.

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