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Treatment Etiquacy

All wellness services found on ZahMal London are entirely therapeutic and NON-sexual.

Our practitioners are trustworthy, professional and certified.


Completing the consultation form before the time of your booking gives the therapist a better advantage on how to prepare for your treatment in advance.

We also recommend that you have at least two clean towels to hand. These will be laid on the table and/or over your body.


Your therapist will arrive on time, so please make sure you’re at your home, hotel room or office for the time you booked. In the unlikely event that your therapist is running late, you will be notified by the customer service team or the therapist directly.

Please show your therapist where you’d like your treatment to take place and allow them to step outside so you can get undressed in privacy. Your therapist will re-enter the room once you are ready.

If oils are used in your treatment, you can undress to a level you are comfortable with but you are required to wear your underwear at all times during your treatment. requests to be inappropriately uncovered will not be tolerated by your therapist.


Your therapist will ask you a few simple questions to complete a consultation form so they can tailor your treatment to your needs.

Please make your therapist aware of any injuries and allergies you have and areas of your body you want to focus on. Feel free to communicate with your therapist about the pressure and if you do happen to feel any pain, please tell your therapist immediately. Please note that for deep tissue massage you can incur moderate pain which will subside after 24-48 hours.


Your therapist will leave the room to allow you 5 minutes to slowly get up and dressed. After, they will re-enter to obtain your feedback which will be noted against your account.

It is advised that you have a treatment every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain a balanced mind and body. You can simply re-book via our website or with our customer service team on 07498101031 via text or whatsapp.



We would love your feedback on …



If you aren’t completely satisfied with your treatment or would like to speak to our customer service team, please email


Health and Safety Post COVID

You must know, there are some things that we will be doing differently to adhere to the government’s Covid guidlines. Some of which may be:

  • Extensive sanitisation of work areas will be done pre and post treatment by us.
  • Ensure your hands are washed, pre and post treatment.
  • No facial treatments until further notice.
  • We will be wearing face visors throughout all treatments, this is negate you wearing one, however, we highly recommend you do wear a mask.
  • We promise, we will not work if we have any high risk zone or if we have come into contact with anyone with symptoms of a respiratory illness.
  • You can now cancel or rebook treatments 8 hours before treatment with full refund if you or anyone in your household may be having symptoms of the virus or may have come into close contact with someone with the virus and need to self isolate.

Please note: These are all subject to change depending on government guidlines.

For more information, feel free to contact us here

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