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Make the Move to Organic Makeup

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, 60% of women in the UK wore makeup on a weekly basis. When lockdown was enforced, many of us decided to give our skin a break and wear makeup a lot less often – if ever! After all, who was going to see us?!

But as hope for the end of the pandemic draws closer, it’s clear that even though COVID may have dramatically changed the way we approach makeup, we’re not ready to give up the brushes altogether. 

Wearing makeup is as much about giving ourselves an extra boost of confidence as it is looking fantastic. We’re never going to say you should ditch the concealer unless you want to – you should do whatever makes you feel your best! But it’s important to take care of our skin, and making the move to organic products may be the best decision you make this year.

Some of the most common skin conditions associated with wearing makeup are clogged pores, premature ageing and dry skin. A good skincare routine (that includes removing all traces of makeup), can help you to avoid these conditions to some extent, but have you considered choosing makeup that actually looks after your skin?

Organic makeup products can help you to protect your skin AND the planet, and we can guarantee that they’ll make you feel just as glamorous as your current brands!

What are organic makeup products?

Organic makeup products contain natural ‘herbs, oils and extracts’ and don’t contain any synthetic materials or modified ingredients. It’s important to note that there’s a difference between organic and natural products, as the term ‘natural’ may be used when a really tiny percentage of the product contains natural ingredients. Always check the label carefully.

How do the natural ingredients in organic makeup help our skin?

The natural ingredients used in organic makeup products are kinder to your skin, and far less likely to clog your pores. Your skin can still get all the nutrients it needs, and you’ll be much less likely to suffer from blackheads and breakouts.

Does buying organic makeup really help the environment?

Yes it does!

When you buy typical makeup products from non-organic brands, you’ll often find that the ingredients list includes petroleum based products. Petroleum based products need to be mined, and this process can cause devastating problems for wildlife and their habitats..

Contrastingly, the ingredients of organic makeup tend to come from flowers and plant extracts, and organic farming methods ensure nature is not disturbed.

Many organic makeup brands are also aware of how their products are presented. They’ll often use minimal packaging, and where packaging is required, it will be made from recycled materials. For example, shampoo bars and refill options provide the same product, with far less waste!

At OQAY, all of our products are created using all natural and sustainable ingredients, as well as our signature ingredient: coconut oil. We’d love you to join us on our organic journey, so the next time your makeup bag needs a refresh, think about choosing brands that are concerned with biodiversity as much as beauty, and using products that take care of your skin as well as the environment.

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