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October 2022
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Online Massage Sessions

We’re very excited to announce that ZahMal London is offering online massage classes, designed to givve yourself a massage or for you and a partner. We were meant to be starting in late summer, 2020 but instead we are launching it now.

We are passionate about sharing the art and science of giving an incredible massage. Get ready to massage better, deeper and longer then you ever thought possible (and receive the same). Everything you need to massage your partner like a pro is here for you: Our very own how to videos, high quality massage oils, and Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. Enjoy yourselves while learning everything you need to massage like a pro!

We understand how stressful this time may be, as we are all going through it together. And with the support of each other – both mentally and physically – we will make it through.

To help you mentally, to relax and ease a bit of the stress and worry, we have launched this amazing masterclass membership for you – by yourself or with a partner – to help calm the mind and ease a bit of the tension.

Access a variety of different ways to bond through touch, in your home. Online classes defined by your unique “touch types” to help you unleash your inner massage guru and sample from our unique in-home techniques during our one to one livestream sessions with Tavinia Angel. BOOK NOW

Coming Soon

Online Couples Membership £150/month

We’ll be offering live stream couples massage classes including classes designed specifically for gay and lesbian couples, shorter more specific training in a wide variety of modalities than are currently offered in our group classes, and much, much, more. Deepen the connection with your partner, in the comfort of your own home and be committed to a “date night” that is so much more than dinner and a movie, each and every month. You owe it to one another to be a member of this program. Don’t wait to love deeper, touch better, and bond like never before. Sign up for your membership today and be the first to enter into the video library when it’s released.

 Online VIP Pro Membership £750

In our VIP Online Membership, you receive all the same benefits as the Online Class Membership for a total of 12 months, but also receive one 2 hour Livestream Private Lesson valued at £120. This lesson will be specifically tailored for you(r) (and your partner’s) needs, with the Instructor.  You will be sent a premium massage table and oil package valued at £270, for you to begin massaging like a massage pro. You will be offered exclusive discounts on our products seasonally, not offered anywhere else. Best of all, you will receive a set of OQAY massage gift set. In this set, you will find a test, which will help you in defining your unique, individual touch, and learn how your preferences interrelate in order to enhance your relationship through the most powerful language of all. Until now, the language of touch has been a mystery for many. Tavinia strips away the myth that everyone thinks about touch the same way and explains how you and your partner can communicate through each others uniquely preferred language of touch, further enhancing the bond you already have. All through the discover and sharing of the most ancient and important language, of all: touch. 

My name is Zaequan Hutchinson and I am 15 years old. My friends and family would describe me as a caring, independent and very hardworking person, moreover, I am very persistent when it comes to doing work which will benefit me now and in the near future. A quote which identifies me best is "We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in." (Ariana Huffington- businesswoman and author). For my hobbies: I love music, although, I prefer writing my own songs and performing them in competitions and my free time than always listening to music artists. Fashion and make-up is also something I am passionate about, especially the make-up section, because it is fun to recreate and dress yourself in awesome outfits, which is a bit like acting, something else I am very fond of; where you behave like someone else for a while as with make-up where you can look like someone else for a while, even though most times I like to have a natural looking make-up on, as it is more original, and not to mention, its gentle on my skin. Though, I must say makeup is sometimes a negative thing for me as it is not kind on my bank account. I write for ZahMal London and OQAY Aroma London, not just because my sisters are the owners, but because I believe in their products and services, and I have seen great results from using their products and utilising their treatments; I write for this amaising company because they actually stick to their value of Giving the Organic Lifestyle you Deserve (GOLD)™.

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