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October 2022
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Our Story

The Birth of ZahMal London and Our Luxury Brands

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Tavinia. she has always been fascinated with the skin and doing beauty treatments. Though never getting the chance to study beauty in school due to her mother choosing business studies for her, she was always drawn to beauty one way or another. She was always the family’s “go to” for beauty advise or to get something done like eyebrow shaping, nail painting, make-up, or even a massage. It was like destiny calling her, and one day she finally answered, after moving to London to be closer to her parents while 6 months pregnant in 2014. Pregnancy was not her favourite memory due to having horrible skin throughout pregnancy, but what came from that was the birth of baby ZahMal. It took her 8 months after giving birth to finally forming her beauty company which she named at the time ZahMal Make-up Your Look (but today its known as ZahMal London)

What about OQAY ?

Our natural and healthy aromatherapy Fun Loving Wellbeing brand “OQAY Aromawas developed from its founder constantly searching for products for her father, who is a former cancer patient, to use on his skin after chemotherapy. “I have memories of me as a little girl living with my mother. Coconut oil was all she would use on my skin, and that evidently seems to have allowed me to grow up having very beautiful and healthy skin. Experience with this product is what influenced the expansion of my knowledge and research into the health benefits of coconut. My father is big on having great smelling products on his skin, so I knew aromatherapy would have been a great addition to my ingredients. He turned out to be my first customer of the great, now named Caribbean Mood.”

The vision at the beginning of OQAY’s journey was solely to help her father, it then evolved into a momentum of how she could help other people with skin conditions, during or post chemotherapy or other illnesses that led to dry and itchy skin. OQAY is Giving the Organic Lifestyle Deserved with pure and natural ingredients, okay for all skin types.

Exciting Announcement

Tavinia has been nominated as a finalist for the Institute of Directors “Director of the year awards 2019”

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