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October 2022
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Caribbean Time Candle 10cl


Uplifting Citrus Scented!

Caribbean Time Candles 10cl has an authentic scent of the citrusy Caribbean breeze! It introduces a an uplifting aroma that fills your room up with Lemongrass and citrus pure essential oils. This blend of soy wax handmade candle also incorporates a warm tone of pure coconut oil which is designed to help you breathe pure goodness. Unlike regular candles, OQAY Aroma London Candles employ a variety of essential oil blends for an unadulterated scent and light that permeates the air for long hours.


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Caribbean Time Candle 10cl Features:

citrus, uplift, lemongrass

Indulge yourself with a movement of energy when you light this luxurious scented candle. Enhanced with lemongrass, tangerine and citrusy essential oils. OQAY Aroma London Candles gives off a calming and soothing aroma and is a natural and unique look and feel for your home.

  • Caribbean Time Candle smells refreshingly citrusy with enhancing properties for increased vitality.
  • Uplifting Candle made from Essential Oils: Lemongrass and Tangerine.
  • Pure soy wax to eliminate harmful chemicals being released like regular candles.
  • Cotton wicks for better burning.
  • No harmful chemicals are added for scent or appearance purposes.

how to Use:

WICKS: Our cotton wicks are a braided, please ensure you trim the wick before you light your candle!  Our natural cotton wick contain no lead.

SCENTED POOL: Burn for at least 45 minutes for full pool effect – please ensure you leave the candle on a flat surface. This creates a nice even melt pool (wax melts all the way to the edge of the container) before extinguishing. Do NOT leave a candle unattended.

RE-USE: Our tin containers can be reused for storing something special! Before use, please hand wash with soap and warm water.

ENJOY: Light the uplifting candle and enjoy the calm lighting and smell throughout the melting of this uplifting scented candle.

other sizes:

Available Size: 5cl, 30cl

Please Note Caribbean Time Candle 10cl:

Please tell your doctor if you are going to use aromatherapy. This is very important if you are having any type of cancer treatment or are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive, have seizures (fits), epilepsy, asthma, kidney or liver problems. The concentration in this product is adult suitable and is not suitable for children 16 years and under. If you are ordering for a child under the age of 16 you can inform us so that we apply the right concentration of essential oils for children. Do not use products on sores, inflamed or broken skin. Do not swallow products or put it inside any other part of the body (eye, ear, nose, anus or vagina).


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