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August 2022
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Cracked Heels Treatment Kit


Dry and Cracked Heels Kit That Fits Into Any Routine.

The Heeler is our deluxe 4 step heel care kit. The items of the kit are brilliantly combined to not only hydrate and moisturise the heels, but also to help take a load off a hectic day, fits perfectly with your daily routine and packaged in a compact and reusable travel size pouch.


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The Story

During COVID-19, we were stripped away from our normal busy routine and forced into lockdown where consumers started to take more care of their health, as well as, their mental well-being. This amazing combination was created by Tavinia (the Founder of ZahMal London) to help her clients whose dry and cracked heels had them depressed and overwhelmed. OQAY Aroma Cracked Heels Treatment kit takes the hassle out of purchasing various products trying to find the right fit which best suites you. The contents of the kit can be used as the recommended 4 steps or which ever way best suits your routine.

Kit Contains

OQAY Gel Heel Socks
Say Good-bye to Dry Heels – The OQAY heel socks prevent cracked heels while at the same time providing moisture, healing and repairing your dry, cracked heels while you sleep with OQAY Aroma London Moisturizing Gel Spa Socks. The gel lined heel is infused with jojoba seed oil, olive oil, and vitamin E to deeply moisturize and hydrate dry, rough skin. Our open toe design and cotton material are comfortable to sleep in, while our hydrating gel softens your heels for a spa like treatment every night of the week. Or use while giving yourself a pedicure to heal your heels like a pro.

This product:

  • Offers optimal comfort and pain relief
  • Fast & Effective Results You Can See
  • So Simple, Works While You’re Sleeping
  • Wear at Nights or Day Time For Added Protection
  • Intense Moisturising for the Most Rock Hard Heels
  • Comfortable, Light-Weight, Breathable, Stretchy, Open-toe
  • Extremely Durable, Washable for Reuse
  • Smell Great & Feel Great


OQAY Angel Heels Moisture Burst

OQAY heel Heeler Kit also comes with a moisturising cream. The OQAY heel cream is made of coconut oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa-Butter and other ingredients. This product is very powerful and a daily application is enough to hydrate, moisturize, replenish and restore the oil level in your dry feet

The cracked heel cream also contains hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is considered the gold standard for moisturizing as it holds up over a thousand times its weight in water. If you have very dry skin, you should consider using OQAY heel cream even in the colder season. OQAY heel cream is rich and soothing with ingredients to prevent water evaporation. Just apply it to your cleansed skin every evening.


OQAY Loofah

The OQAY cracked heels treatment kit includes a loofah sponge for cleaning and exfoliating the heels. OQAY loofah is made from a gourd in the cucumber family and is very effective at cleansing the skin. However, you should take good care of this loofah so that it does not become infected with bacteria. Daily use of OQAY loofah will result in these benefits:

  • when used with soap, it will lather and cleanse your skin
  • exfoliates the skin around your heels
  • Stimulates blood circulation around your feet.


OQAY Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is formed when lava mixes with water. It is a light but abrasive stone that is used to remove dead, dry skin on cracked feet. The OQAY pumice stone is also an effective callus remover and will work wonders to soften corns. The use of the stone will reduce pain from friction. You should only use OQAY pumice stone twice a week as excessive removal of the skin can cause bleeding and infections.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 229 × 152 × 152 cm
Single Item

Full Kit, Angel Heels Moisture Burst, Gel Heel Socks, Pumice Stone, Organic Loofah


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