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What is Sports Massage?

ZahMal London Sports massages are often used for training and rehabilitation purposes, as well as, pre-training and post-training. Regardless of your fitness level, sports massages can improve ones performance by increasing blood flow, clearing dangerous metabolic by-products, reduce scar tissue and overall improves the body’s ability to digest and absorb needed nutrients.

A sports massage helps to prevent injuries by lowering blood pressure. The massage aids in reducing the amounts of cortisol produced by the body and reducing heart rate. This allows athletes and those working out to feel relaxed and revitalized.

The primary advantage of a ZahMal London sports massage is to drain away fatigue post-performance and promote relaxation. Pre-performance, the goal is to improve the elasticity of the skin and muscles to avoid tears and muscle strain which is ideal for any rigorous training routine. Sports massage therapy works to relieve the stress and tension that builds up in the body during an athletic event or workout.

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We tend to develop minor injuries due to overextension. Sports massages break down the injuries caused by muscle lesions. Massages work to:

  • Promote flexibility
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Provide relaxation
  • Improve circulation

Besides physical benefits, a sports massage provides physiological benefits. Sports massage aids in the reduction of anxiety and help with pain management. In fact, in a finding published by the “Journal of Athletic Training,” studies found sports massage services reduced the occurrences of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, DOMS, by over 30 percent. The best way to alleviate tired, cramped muscles is to expose them to heat, increase the circulation of blood through them and stretch them and ultimately get them to relax. All which are benefits of sports massage services provided by a ZahMal London Massage Therapist.

The Association of Sports Massage Therapists has also conducted studies showing there are increased psychological benefits to sports massage services. These benefits include:

A reduction in anxiety before beginning an athletic event or workout

  • Enhanced well-being feelings and rejuvenation
  • An increase in the awareness of the mind and body

Any type of healthful benefit reduces the risk of injury. A relaxed muscle is less prone to tearing and soreness than a tense muscle. Benefits of a sport massage that reduces injuries include:

  • A larger range of motion
  • Decreased neurological excitability
  • Increased elimination of lactic acid
  • Decreased recovery time between workouts
  • Decreased muscle spasms


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